Friday, August 24, 2007

Valuer Seminar at Bangkok Thailand

Here, i put one of my email about "International Real Estate Events, Thailand". You can visit the website for further info here.

January 24 - 25, 2008, Grand Mercure Fortune, Bangkok, Thailand

If you are interested in presenting a paper, participating or exhibiting at
the above conference, please contact us:

Valuing business interests | SMEs | multi-national corporations | patents |
trademark | employment agreement | copyright | securities | goodwill etc.

Scholars, professionals, and practitioners are invited to submit an abstract of approximately 200 words with three to four key words for preliminary consideration by Friday, Sept 14, 2007. The submission should include a title, name of author/co-authors, mailing address, telephone & email.

Invited speakers will:
1. receive a free pass to the Symposium (US$ 300).
2. receive free accommodation with breakfast for three nights.
3. have their paper published in the Proceedings sent worldwide.
4. receive a full copy of Proceedings, CD & other accessories

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, MRICS
President, Thai Appraisal Foundation | IAAO Rep. to Thailand
Vice President, FIABCI Thailand | Council Member, AAPH and AVA

Please Contact : Mrs.Saiphon Bhalakula, Project Director, Thai Appraisal Foundation
10 Nonsi Rd., Bangkok 10120, Thailand Tel. 66 2295.3171 E-mail:


Certificate: International Property Expert (Nov 19-21, Bangkok).
Housing the Poor with Market Approaches (Nov 22-24, Bangkok).
International Seminar: World’s Real Estate Cycles (Nov 27, HCMC).
Int'l Workshop: Property Valuation for Investment Analysis (Wed – Sat, Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2007: HCMC).
Int'l Workshop: Brand Valuation: Dec 3-4, Ho Chi Minh City.
International Seminar: World’s Real Estate Cycles (Dec 7, Manila).
International Workshop: Real Estate Finance (Dec 8, Manila)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh, My Books.. !

As usual, every year on August, we, Indonesians, very busy on doing activities to prepare our house and neighborhood for our independence daya celebration, that is on August 17th.
I and my family also busy on doing such things. We clean, and rearrange the household appliances, and also our home-collection. One of the collections is my small library contains books on various topics. They're my lecture book, books on religions, and some investing books. Not many, but enough yet to give some headache, since we have only small bookshelf.

On Becoming the Netpreneur

Netpreneur, may be many of you have heard about this word. Yes, if i'm not mistaken, netpreneur is a simplified from Internet Entepreneur, that is people who have businesses on the internet. I mean with businesses are the ones who generate incomes. No matter what the businesses are about, as long as it generates income to someone, that person is an internet entepreneur.
Of course there are so many reasons why some one become or intend to become a netpreneur. There are also many advantages and disadvantageous doing businesses on the internet. Hope that i have time and resources to post some of them later.

The most important right now, is a question only: do we have a will -strong or weak- on doing business (of course to make some money) online ?
Answer the question and we will find out, whether you are the next netpreneur on the planet (or may be you are !).

Indonesia's Independence Day

Merdeka !!
August 17th is my country, Indonesia, independence day. We celebrate this independence day every year with so many activities.
For most of you, might not understand what is the meaning of Merdeka ! Well, merdeka is the way we shout or yell to show our happiness on our independence. Merdeka means get independence.
Although in some posts in the internet, like in CIA website, August 17th is not admitted as Indonesia's Independence Day, but we, the resident of Indonesia, believe that our independence has started when the text of Proklamasi (independence proclaim) was read on 17 August 1945 by our two Proclamators, Soekarno (then become the first Indonesia's president) and Muhammad Hatta (the first vice president of Indonesia).

Many wishes emerges on every year celebration. Most of them are about the betterment on every single area. Sure, we are working on it.

Merdeka !
Happy 62th anniversary, Indonesia !
We love you !

Blog Reborn

thank you to those who have ever been here before. Especially for Juicy Fruiter for leaving a message. Believe me, i've been there, to your blogs several times, but unfortunately i can't find any possible to post a comment there. Well, wish you a happy wedding !

After such busy days, months and years, finally i got my self some space that allow me to update my blogs much more often than before. I plan to reorganize this blog. And i also made two more blogs, you can see them at: and My two others blogs talking about GIS (yes, geographic information system). While twingis.blogspot about taking and giving knowledges on GIS; the other is talking about GIS community in Bahasa Indonesia. (later on, i'll post topics about my country, Indonesia, and also my mother tongue language Bahasa Indonesia).

Ok, enough for now. Thank you for whoever you are who has visited my blog. Please summit a comment, so that i could visit yours too.

So, good day !